Most PMA Long Course hopefuls are still nervous about the first round of exams. Intelligence and academic examinations matter more in the first stages of testing. We present the most salient questions on previous PMA MCQs, while many are connected to academic subjects.

You must read through all questions to achieve a perfect score on the PMA Long Course or other first Tests of Pak Army Commissioned Officer Tess.


There are two different tests inside the Intelligence Test.

  • Check Your Verbal Abilities
  • Measuring Intelligence Outside of Words

The applicant must pass these two exams before moving on to the rest of the educational testing process. A “Better luck next time” notice will appear on the screen if an applicant does not pass the PMA Intelligence exam.

Those who use our online PMA test preparation platform to study for the PMA Intelligence exam will be well-equipped to succeed; after going through our comprehensive Intelligence test series, a candidate has a 90% chance of passing the PMA Initial Intelligence Test.


The first academic exam for the PMA Long course and the PMA graduate course covers the following material.

  • English
  • Pakistan studies
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiat

Successfully navigating these steps of the E-Testing process requires prior online preparation for the PMA Initial Test. If you’re taking the PMA extended course Initial Test, our site is the ideal place to study it.


The PMA Exam Paper Structure and Syllabus have been outlined above. The PMA Academic Test is the third and final round (Section) of the PMA Long Course. However, most students only study for the PMA Initial Test and its intelligence section.

Before taking the PMA entrance test and the ISSB, several cadets recommended by the ISSB have emphasized how important it is to examine PMA academic notes. Participants in the PMA Long Course Test came from various military institutions in staggering numbers.

Utilize the PMA Study Notes to assist you in getting ready for the Initial Tests administered by the PMA and ISSB. People who have previously registered in a PMA Test Preparation Academy do not need additional study materials since they have already received the necessary instruction. Candidates who want to study at home need to obtain PMA Preparation notes.