PMA long course 151 preparation material

Pakistan military academy long course 151 registration has been started. Many students are looking ready to join Pak army via PMA LC 151. most of the students are looking for PMA LC 151 preparation material. Here we will provide you detailed information about PMA LC 151preparation.

  1. Computer-based written test

What is PMA LC 151 syllabus?

  PMA LC 151 course content are given following;

 Verbal intelligence

Verbal intelligence is an important part of PMA LC 51 initial test. it includes numbers series, coding, decoding, IQ-related questions, analogy, etc. Students should prepare very well for these questions.

Non-verbal intelligence

Non-verbal intelligence questions are related to pictures following different sequences. This part is a little bit tough for students than the other parts. For better scores do well practice verbal intelligence.


Students should well prepare this portion to get high scores. The academic portion is comprises of;

  1. Pak studies
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Islamic studies
  4. Math
  5. Current affairs

(2) Medical test

  • Initial Medical Check-up
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol Level
  • Eye-sight
  • BP

(3) Physical Test

  • Runing Test  ( 1.6km run in 8 minutes ) 3 marks
  • Push-ups       ( 15 times in 2 minutes)      2 marks
  • Pull-ups         ( 3 times in 2 minutes )      2 marks
  • Crunches       ( 20 times in 2 minutes)     2 marks
  • Ditch               ( 7.4 feet have to cross )     1 mark

(4) Interview by National Security and War Course Brigadier

  • Confidence and Expression
  • Knowledge of Current Affairs
  • Knowledge about Geography and Pak. Studies
  • Overall Out-look
  • Extra-curricular activities i.e Sports, Hobbies
  • Any other aspect as assumed suitable by the Panel

(5) Final Selection through Merit

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