Is Physics Harder Than Chemistry?


Physics is the branch of science that talks about the properties of matter and energy. Mechanics, light, heat, sound, electricity, radiation, magnetism, and other structures of atoms are the main topics of this science.


Chemistry is the branch of science that talks about the study of properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds. And how they can change from one state to another.

In this blog, we will compare physics and chemistry at different study levels. This comparison will tell which one is harder to study.

Physics Harder Than Chemistry?

Physics is a little bit harder than chemistry as it is more math-oriented and has more abstract concepts.

Physics Harder Than Chemistry?

Physics involves mathematical calculations and numerical. At the school level, we can not compare these two subjects because both contain almost simple topics. At the school level, we learn the basic level of these subjects. These are very easy as we only read basic terminologies. These are understandable and easy to learn. So we can not predict that is physics harder than chemistry.

At the college level as our study level grow up hence difficulty level of both subjects increases. Here we have to deal with mathematical calculations. At the college level, chemistry is also slightly difficult. In short, we can say at the college level physics is slightly harder than chemistry.

At the university level, we deal with big calculations and derivations in physics. Also, chemistry is harder at this level because we deal with organic and inorganic chemistry deeply. We talk about different structures of molecules.

Why is Physics So Hard?

Physics is hard as it is much math-oriented. It has several difficult concepts and requires strong analytical and rational skills. Students find physics difficult as it is a time-demanding and conceptual subject. You can not express your opinions as you have to follow scientific procedures and rules while making a new hypothesis.

Why is Physics So Hard?

You should have the basic knowledge to make a new statement or to explain any topic. You should have the deep knowledge to make a grip on any topic of physics.

Is Chemistry So Hard?

Chemistry is slightly hard when we deal with its different branches that involve complicated concepts. We have to deal with many chemicals their reactions and their composition.

Branches of chemistry :

  • Organic chemistry: Any matter which contains carbon in its composition plus other elements but the presence of carbon is compulsory
  • In organic chemistry: The study of matter which doesn’t have carbon in its composition is inorganic chemistry
  • Biochemical chemistry: deals with chemical changes that take place inside living things.
  • Analytic chemistry: is the analysis of the given information or to study of how they interact with each other.
  • Physical chemistry: It involves the physical application of given knowledge to study the chemistry of objects for this we also use the laws of physics.

What is the Hardest Topic in Physics?

Quantum mechanics is the hardest topic in physics. Quantum mechanics deals with physical systems such as moleculesatoms, and subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics is a much more difficult topic as it has abstract math and the concepts are difficult to understand.

Which is Better Physics or Chemistry?

Physics and chemistry are both good subjects in which you can make a successful career. However, physics is slightly better than chemistry as it is vast and provides greater career opportunities. So we can say physics is better than chemistry.



Physics and Chemistry are both excellent subjects. Chemistry is harder until high school. Later chemistry becomes a normal subject. Physics deserves more importance as it is a universal subject. We can’t ignore chemistry as it is involved in our industry. Physics is a broad subject and it is harder than chemistry.

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