Is Discord Social Media ?

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Discord is a platform featuring a chat feature created with gamers in mind. It was designed to provide simple communication amongst players through voice, text, or video chat. Unlike other comparable platforms like Twitch, Discord was not designed to broadcast live streams that viewers could switch into and watch.

Additionally, it places more of an emphasis on communication that is limited to invites and is solely communication-based. Whether Discord is a social networking platform is one that many users have, so read on to find out the answer.

Gamer communication was the original purpose of Discord. It has over 100 million members now and is a sizable social network. These individuals connect within niche communities that cover a wide range of topics, including music, business, education, and sports. But the main emphasis is unquestionably gaming.

Gamer communication

Discord is not often covered in the news like other social media sites. However, learning more about it and any possible security concerns is worthwhile.

What Is Discord?

Discord, a platform for sharing and communication amongst users with the same interests, was introduced in 2015. It is well-liked by gamers since it gives them communication and community building outside the game’s confines.

What Is Discord?

It has developed into a complete social network with over 140 million* active monthly users. No longer is it just favored by gamers.

Discord’s Purpose

Users may build “servers” on Discord, communities where individuals can connect with others who share their interests. Users discuss their hobbies and work together in real-time. This app’s primary goals are to interact and converse with other users while consuming video content.

How Does It Function?

How Does It Function?

Users have the option of using a mobile app or downloading and installing an application on their PC. They may either establish their server and then invite others through a link, or they can accept invitations to join.

Topical server divisions and membership restrictions are common, some imposed by the server owner. The server’s owner also establishes the rules; if users break them, they may be banned. The platform provides choices for text, images, videos, and audio.


Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

Users may choose who they want to be their friends and who they don’t want to be able to send them direct messages. Through the “Safe Direct Messaging” function, the system can also screen and remove improper communications, although no automated system is 100% successful. Users may also decide whether or not to consent to the collection of their data for analytical purposes.


Age Requirement

Age Requirement

Although the program does not demand verification upon signup, the minimum age for users is 13 years old. The age will be 12+ when downloading the app from the applicable store.

The age requirement, which is 13 years old as stated in the terms and conditions, is not 12 years old or above, as indicated by this. The age restriction cannot be lowered by the business legally.

Moderate Your Server

Moderate Your Server

Discord has both advantages and disadvantages. Users can communicate and form relationships in real-time. However, they can also annoy and con one another in real time.

If your server is popular, you’ll eventually need to consider how to keep it in check when you’re not there. Either install bot moderators or choose to designate human moderators.

Despite their flaws, humans are still the greatest at analyzing and reacting to other people’s actions. To monitor your community, you can assign roles to administrators and moderators.

Verify Your Server

Verify Your Server

If you use Discord for your business, you should check your server. Verification is easy. All you have to do is fill out a short form and ensure you meet the requirements.

Once you’ve been verified, you’ll be able to use Server Discovery and Server Insights, two great features.

  • If you turn on Server Discovery, your server will be listed on the Discover page, where anyone can find it.
  • With Server Insights, you can learn more about the people who use your server.

How Can Friends You Talk To On Discord?

It is extremely simple to begin the talking process after adding all of your friends and setting up all the settings appropriately. You may send messages straight to a buddy by tapping their name on the left side of the screen. Additionally, you may click to phone or video chat with them. You can access various communication channels using Discord to communicate with your pals.

How Can Friends You Talk To On Discord?

You may select to communicate, add emoticons, and send presents. You don’t have to worry about emailing your pal’s screenshots and other photos since it enables you to share diverse photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Discord Take Into Account The Possibility Of Using Social Networks? 

The social network Discord supports voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and instant chat. Users may conduct one-on-one conversations or join a larger community of users in “servers,” where they can use phone calls, video calls, text messages, media, and file sharing to get in touch with one another.

Where Can I Look For Other Players On Discord? 

Use the Discord lookup tools to locate the person you want to add if you know they use the same server or are in the same group. If you are a member of the group or server, you may easily find them by searching for their name.

When Using Discord, Can Others See Who Your Buddies Are? 

Can you tell who someone’s Discord pals are? A person’s friends list is not visible to the public. Even if you are not friends with a person, you will see their shared friends if they have listed on their profile.

When Can You Expect Someone To Be On Discord? 

When someone is online, Discord notifies you, much like most other messaging applications. When someone is online, their presence might be indicated by their status. When a user is present and available to converse with others, their online status indication will change from grey to green.

To What Extent Does Discord Reveal Your Activity? 

Friends on Discord will always be aware of what you’re up to in the gaming world. You may share your exact location in-game with your pals if the game supports Discord’s Rich Presence feature. Learn how to disable this function to safeguard your online gaming anonymity.


I hope you understand “is discord social media” after reading this article. If you are the right age, your parents are okay with it, and your job is stable, this kind of social interaction can be very rewarding. There are risks for kids of all ages on the site, but kids under 13 should stick to social networks made for kids, like YouTube Kids or Pop Jam.

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